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My short paper "The Quantum Fetish" available at
contains a succinct analysis of the most basic aspects of Quantum Mechanics.

It is argued there that the exact reason for the success of QM is the Schrödinger Hamiltonian operator H with usually correct eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.

On the other hand QM postulated a wrong evolution law, which is no other than the Schrödinger time dependent equation. Mathematically speaking there is noting mysterious with linear unitary evolution. But physically it is definitely wrong because -as known since Schrödinger’s "diese verdammte Quantenspringerei"- this energy conservative evolution conflicts with the universally accepted interpretation of spectral lines in terms of bound electron transitions from a stationary state at a certain energy level to another stationary state at a different energy level.

The 1926 proposed quantum linear unitary evolution law could not explain the laboratory attested transitions. But at the time, instead of unitary evolution being rejected as nonsense, physicists accepted it and aborted the search for a correct equation. Strange concepts like intrinsically random quantum jumps, probabilistic interpretation of wave functions, uncertainty principles, probabilistic second quantization, convolved quantum logic theories, and many other nightmarish constructs were introduced.

Intense campaigning by its proponents, apparent validation by the atomic bomb technology, and the existence of substantial funds resulted in several generations of theoretical physicists convinced of the validity of the quantum illusion and dedicating lifelong efforts to expand this ideology. Thus was created Quantism as known today. Planck, Einstein, de Broglie, Schrödinger and some others resisted but were ignored and perhaps considered reactionaries. The end result was an overwhelming conquest of the academic establishment. But the resulting bottom line was "Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics".

Is there a remedy for Physics? Yes. A correct evolution equation is discussed in papers found at the link above.
Ours is a non-linear Hamiltonian evolution equation on the (infinite dimensional) cotangent manifold of the space of rays of wave functions. That is, the usual space of states [\psi] is extended by adding its canonically conjugate variables \phi (cotangent vectors) and it is in the cotangent manifold that the non-linear evolution occurs.

The relation to Schrödinger work is given by the potential energy being equal to the normalized mean value of Schrödinger self-adjoint operator, with stationary states and stationary energies on the new space of states exactly as provided by H. This explains how the infamous "shut up and calculate" approach became possible to obtain the stationary objects, regardless of the disastrous failure of the quantum dynamics.

With our new new non-linear equation the dynamics works wonderfully. There are homoclinic points, trajectories and manifolds that provide continuous, deterministic transitions between stationary electron configurations.

But that is only the technical part. The human implications are much more difficult to deal with, since the correct deterministic equation runs counter the beliefs held, and against the mountain range of papers published, by the most reputable physicist of our day.

Mass media pressure may play an essential role in awakening the minds -of experts and of the general educated public- to the emerging scientific reality. Sooner or later common sense will prevail over the quantum misconceptions.

With cordial regards
Daniel Crespin
May 11, 2019 by Daniel Crespin

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