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Wall for dimension10

Ok, now they aren't duplicate anymore. Did you delete?
Apr 11, 2014 by Ron Maimon
I will delete the duplicates. Is it enough to delete the question? Will all the answers get deleted too?
Apr 11, 2014 by Ron Maimon
I was importing V. Moretti's questions at the same time as you, and the are all doubly imported now.
Apr 11, 2014 by Ron Maimon
Landing page is changed to /activity/main. I have changed the meta description insertion so that it should be on almost all pages.
Apr 9, 2014 by polarkernel
Hey, dim10, where is the "request for import" question? I wanted to write down the grad-level questions I found--- there are a ton recently, like yesterdays question about gold films, there is a good question by a non-physicist

On the topic of questions like the path-integral one, I am torn--- the person is clearly a person in a grad level class, but the question is really three separate question, one of which is total nonsense (is the path integral a phase integral), one is meaningless (what is third quantization), and the last is weird and bad, but on-topic (why is the ghost action quantized). I don't know what to do, I don't want to butcher people's stuff. Perhaps you can import it 3 times, and make it three separate questions, and then delete 2 of them.
Apr 8, 2014 by Ron Maimon
@dimension10 yeah I didn't realize that people get points from importing their graduate level questions from PSE. Maybe I can plagarise(legally) some off other sites and post them here ;)
Apr 7, 2014 by physicsnewbie
The issue is sometimes people post questions anonymously because they aren't sure if it's a stupid question or not. If you know who they are, that defeats the whole purpose. I deleted all the comments relating to this, but please, find a way to avoid IP snooping. I have never done it, please don't do it, the academics here need a guarantee that they will never be found out if they say something stupid anonymously.
Apr 7, 2014 by Ron Maimon
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? Are you crazy? Don't deanonymize!! EVER. It will wreck the site quicker than anything. Please, promise you will never do that again. I don't know how to deanonymize, so I just hid the question.
Apr 7, 2014 by Ron Maimon
And I have an answer here which I posted not on SE, but here directly.  None of your SE posts seemed grad-level to me so I haven't imported them.
Apr 6, 2014 by dimension10
Huh, because my posts are imported from SE?
Apr 6, 2014 by dimension10

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