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  God Does Not Play Dice: Matter-Wave Duality, Quantum Phase Transition and Bose-Einstein Condensate as Deterministic and Local Phenomena

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Referee this paper: http://vixra.org/pdf/1506.0076v2.pdf by Ramzi Suleiman

Please use comments to point to previous work in this direction, and reviews to referee the accuracy of the paper. Feel free to edit this submission to summarise the paper (just click on edit, your summary will then appear under the horizontal line)

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Closed as per community consensus as the post is not eligible for Open Community Review (see the submission decline policy)
submission not yet summarized

paper authored Jun 10, 2015 to Closed Questions by Ramzi F. Suleiman
  • [ no revision ]
    retagged Jun 23, 2015 by dimension10

    Quantum mechanics has been theoretically understood and experimentally confirmed since decades, non-mainstream considerations to explain specific quantum mechanical phenomena and observations by alternative models belong therefore rather to the realm of philosophy than to physics. Voting to close.

    I remember there was a discussion earlier on what papers to import, I vaguely remember some suggested that vixra papers shouldn't be imported at all, could somebody remind me if this suggestion made its way into site policy?

    The paper discusses an alternative to quantum mechanics using high school mathematics only, hence far too simple to explain anything. 

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